St. Clare of Assisi is now a Baby Safe Haven.

St. Clare of Assisi is now a Baby Safe Haven. No longer does a mother have to live with the guilt of an abortion. There is a safe, harmless, and legal alternative to abortion. Arizona state law 13-3623.01 provides for the protection of the mother and safety of the baby. It states a parent or agent of a parent can leave an unwanted, unharmed newborn baby at a designated Baby Safe Haven without fear of prosecution or answering any questions. They can remain anonymous.

A baby can be left at the parish office during normal office hours. After hours, please take the baby to the nearest fire station or hospital.

A Baby Safe Haven is any of the following:

  • Any hospital
  • On duty fire stations
  • On duty medical technicians
  • Designated adoption agencies
  • Designated churches

Please help stop the killing of innocent babies by informing people of this Arizona law. For more information and all details, see the State website: