Women's Weekend Retreat: Feb 17-18, 2024
Men's Weekend Retreat: Feb 24-25, 2024

Most of the people we see every day feel like something is missing in their lives. Christ Renews His Parish is an incredible experience that helps people discover what that something is...and what to do about it!

The Christ Renews His Parish Retreat is run by parishioners of St. Clare of Assisi, and it is re-energizing parishes across the country. It puts a framework around the questions we all ask ourselves: Who am I? What matters most? What matters least?

You will get personal clarity, be inspired to start living with a deeper sense of purpose, and be changed forever. Here are some testimonies from some of our parishioners:

Christ Renews His Parish has truly been a life-changing experience. It changed my spiritual life and every other aspect of my life as well.

Christ Renews His Parish saved my life.

I went from being a nominal Catholic to attending Mass every Weekend because I can't wait to learn more, do more and inspire more.

Christ Renews His Parish has made me a better spouse and a better parent.

I don't know where I would be today if 10 years ago a friend had not invited me to a Christ Renews His Parish Retreat.

The Retreat is held in the St. Clare Parish Hall. It begins Saturday morning and concludes Sunday with the 5PM Mass. You will have an opportunity to go to Confession, too. All meals are provided and you get to spend the night at home in the comfort of your own bed.

2024 Schedule

  • Women’s Retreat: February 17-18, 2024
  • Men’s Retreat: February 24-25, 2024

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