Parish registration allows us to keep you informed in a timely manner, send you yearly tax letters easily, facilitate administration of the Sacraments, and many other uses. It makes you an official part of our Parish family and helps us to connect with you and get to know you!

Who can become a member?

We would love to have you join our parish!

You may join if you live in our physical boundaries or outside of them. The only time it could become an issue is that if a member is housebound or in danger of death and lives far from the church, it might be more practical to have the priest or pastoral care ministers from the nearest church visit the housebound person and establish a relationship of caring.

Many of our parishioners are seasonal and are registered both in our parish and in another parish wherever they live the remainder of the year. You may register from any location.

What are the Physical Boundaries of the Parish?

Roughly our boundaries are Festival Ranch in northern Buckeye east to Grand Avenue and Litchfield Road and south to Waddell Road. However, many of our parishioners come from outside of our parish including Waddell, Vistancia, Verrado and elsewhere.

How do I Register or Update My Record?

Fill out the form below to register as a new Parishioner at St. Clare of Assisi Parish. If you are already a registered parishioner, you may also use this form to update your information if you have moved, changed your phone number, email or need to add family members.

Registration Form