Ministry of Care to Those Who are Isolated

Monday through Friday: Please call our office during regular open hours. 623-546-3444.

Weekends, Holidays and After Office Hours: Call our Emergency Help Line: 623-975-5612.

Communion Visitors

When our parishioners are not able to come to church due to a temporary or chronic health issue, we want to bring them the support of prayer and the sacraments. We have Communion Visitors who visit people weekly to bring them Holy Communion and the comfort of a friendly relationship to our Catholic community.

Last Rites

When there are emergencies that lead to a desire for a visit by a priest for the Last Rites of the Church or for Confession and Anointing of the Sick, we are ready to respond. It is best to call for the priest to attend the sick person while the person can still make a good confession and can swallow Holy Communion. Often it is more practical to have the priest visit before a patient goes to the hospital for surgery instead of trying to connect the priest and patient in the hospital. We will do whatever we can. We know that illness does not come at convenient times.

How to Request Help

The best time to call to arrange for a priest to visit is during regular parish office hours, Monday through Friday, but you can call us at any time and we will do our best to send a priest in case of emergency. Naturally, the priest is not always available, since they have other duties and are unavailable during regularly scheduled Mass times and confession times and during funerals and weddings and the like.

Our answering service can take basic information to give to our priest on call when the request is made. They are not familiar with our parish and often are unfamiliar with Catholicism. Please use the Emergency Help Line only for life and death emergencies to reach a priest.

Finding the Closest Parish

If you are not sure if there is a a parish that is closer to you than Saint Clare of Assisi, consult this online Map of Local Parishes. We are happy to help when we can, but we only have two priests and are often busy with other callers or events.