Respect Life & Walking With Moms in Need

Walking With Moms in Need is dedicated to supporting women who are experiencing crisis pregnancies. We partner with five pro-life organizations throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area in order to support these women and help them joyfully choose life for their babies. Our loving, almighty Father has known us, made us, and stitched us together in our mother’s wombs and Walking With Moms in Need/Respect Life wishes to bring awareness to the evils of infanticide and euthanasia in our country. Please pray for all moms, unborn babies, the sick, the disabled, and the elderly as we continue to cultivate a culture of life!

We meet the first Thursday of each month in the Modular Office Building, next to the Modular Hall.

If you would like more information about joining Walking With Moms in Need, please contact Kathy and Charlie Buckley at

If you are experiencing a crisis pregnancy and need help, please contact these organizations. They will provide free or very low-cost assistance, depending on your needs.

Life Choices Women’s Clinics
Phone: 602-305-5100

Choices Pregnancy Center
Phone: 623-486-5232

1st Way Pregnancy Center
Phone: 602-261-7522

The Sisters of Life
Phone: 480-389-5650

Maggie’s Place
Phone: 602-262-5555