Go Into the Deep with Christ

02-06-2022Weekly ReflectionFather Hans Ruygt

Are we controlled by fear? Does it hold us back? Is it preventing us from living fully?

Life is a series of adventures and risks. It seems these days, that a great many people are living in fear. We are afraid of a virus which we do not understand. We are afraid because we have seen so many stories of people who got sick or died, some were even friends, family, fellow parishioners, colleagues, or neighbors. We are afraid to be around people wearing masks or vice versa, people who don’t wear face masks. We are afraid of criminals, the loss of property or violence.

What about fear in our Christian life? Are there things that hold you back in your relationship with Christ and His Church? Do you hesitate to say yes fully to Christ?

The Apostles and disciples of Jesus had to face many fears in the short time that they lived in the bodily presence of Jesus. It must have been difficult making the decision to follow him and trust in his teaching and in his challenge to take up the cross of loving completely. They could have played things safely, stay at their nets or stick with their village and what was familiar to them.

To have a deep transformative relationship with Christ, they finally choose to break out of their comfort zone, to take risks in living with purpose, meaning, direction and for the glory of God.

It is wise for people to make value and risk assessments as we face big decisions, but at some point we must either take a leap of faith forward or risk getting stuck in the present or even worse, fade into the past. To do otherwise is to exist without fully living the life God has designed for us.

Getting married is a risk that can lead to great joy as well as deep sorrows. Too often it is not well calculated or assessed. Marriage is meant to be a life-long commitment to desire always the good of one’s wife or husband including a decision to lead the spouse closer to Christ on a path leading each other to eternal life with God. Is it possible? Yes! Is it easy? No!

Attending Mass is a risk, but is offers amazing potential for blessings. If our body is there but our mind is not willing to enter into the mystery and deeply pray the words, or unwilling to wrestle with the meaning of the word of God, then opportunity is wasted and a life-fulfilling relationship with Christ dies or stagnates.

Jesus ask us as in today’s gospel, Luke 5:1-11, take our boats into deep waters and casts our nets. Will we listen? Can we take the risk? By our Yes, we will bring many more people to know the love of God and find strength in becoming disciples of the Lord.