In 2017 and 2018, two tragic church shootings occurred in Southerland Springs Texas, and Pittsburgh churches.  At that time, the Saint Clare of Assisi Pastoral Council felt that although it is extremely unlikely that something like this could happen at our church here in Surprise, we are one of the largest and most visible churches in the area. So we implemented measures to understand and handle emergency situations for our parish community.

We found that we were in need of volunteers who could help to handle these and the more common and likely medical and health emergencies that our parishioners may encounter that we – the liturgical ministers - should be aware of.  Below is information that you may find helpful in case of a medical emergency.

Safety Officer/Leaders

Beginning in 2019, the Safety Leader ministry was formed, and in 2021 the ministry was brought to the Knights of Columbus council to assist with membership. 

The Safety Leader is a Knight who has received training for awareness for safety and security issues (green lanyard). They have received CPR training and are familiar with the church property and available safety equipment and their locations. They are only one person and rely on the help of the parishioners and other ministry leaders to assist them in an emergency situation. This assistance first comes in being aware of their presence, next in what you can do to help.

Location of First Aid Kits 

The church has three First Aid Kits in the church; one in the Narthex – in the alcove where the wheelchairs are located.  That location also has the Automated External defibrillator (AED) for heart attack victims.  There is also a First Aid Kit in the Sacristy, and one in the Vestry.  There are First Aid Kits in the church hall (kitchen) and church office.

If there is a medical or security emergency, please dial 911 and inform a safety leader immediately.

We are always looking for more Safety Leaders to assist at Masses. Please contact Dan Pike at or Bruce Grattan at to lend a hand!