Take Up Your Cross

03-27-2022Weekly ReflectionBernadette Linde, Director of Music and Liturgy

In the Gospels, Jesus commands man to deny himself and take up his cross. What does it mean to take up our own cross in our daily lives?

When we think about what our crosses are, we may assume that it could be some sort of physical or emotional burden that has been placed upon us. While these can add stress to our lives, the Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us that Jesus has not given us a burden that is too heavy or impossible to bear (CCC 1615).


The Rummage Sale was a HUGE Success!


Thank you to so many parishioners of St. Clare of Assisi. Thanks to the chairpersons, Jackie Mialki and Lorrie Holland from the Women's Guild and Don McLane, Bruce Grattan and Wayne Lorenzana from the Knights of Columbus. Thanks to all the members of the parish and ministries who volunteered their time and backs doing pickups and deliveries, setting up, pricing and selling the donated items. Thanks to all the parishioners who donated items to be sold and coming to the sale and supporting the parish.