God’s Word as Life-Giving and Life-Changing

01-18-2023Weekly Reflection

In a family, communication is essential for unity. But when someone joins a family, whether it be an infant or an in-law, it can be bewildering; so much family communication is based on a common understanding that the newcomer lacks. Fortunately, in the family of God, we are not left to bumble about unaided.

The saints are the best scriptural exegetes; they make the Word “come alive” in reality and provide the best of insights. During January the church celebrates the Sunday of the Word of God (Third Sunday of Ordinary Time). So this month, we approach the saints to learn what prayer with God’s word looks like. There is a preponderance of Church Fathers, whose loving encounter with the Scriptures taught the Church how to speak what Saint Augustine calls “the Lord’s style of language.” There are saints of recent date, like Josemaría Escrivá and Miriam Demjanovich, who show how to embrace God’s word as life-giving and life-changing. “If we watch over the Scriptures, we ourselves shall be watched over by them. Guarding them and being guarded.” These words from an ancient author remind Catholics that in the Scriptures, we possess nothing less than God himself. Those who treasure God in his Word find for themselves a limitless source of power and protection. Inspired by the saints, and aided by Mary, Mother of the Word Incarnate, may we receive God’s Word and bear a fruitful harvest.