We are striving to be responsible and reasonable in our approach to the novel coronavirus, commonly called COVID-19 which has been around at least since 2019. It continues to raise many concerns and fears.

There has also been much confusion from people we have relied upon people they were told to believe are medical and scientific “experts.” The disease has also been politicized, so much so, that whatever we do in our Catholic community at Saint Clare of Assisi, is met with approval by some and disapproval by others.

Personal Responsibility

We believe that you know much more about your health needs than we do. If you do not feel safe or you have compromised health conditions, you can choose to act accordingly. We will not ask you if you have been vaccinated or not. Our society takes great pains to respect health privacy as you well know whenever you visit doctors and have to sign those HIPAA law disclosure forms.


We do not require masks for people who attend our church. We believe that a great many of the people who attend Mass have been vaccinated. Some have not. You will see most people currently do not wear masks during Holy Mass as of August 2021. Some do. They have their reasons. Currently, those who serve at the altar wear masks only when distributing Holy Communion and they sanitize their hands before doing so.

Social Distancing

We have blocked off alternating pews in several areas of the church so that there is space between the rows of people. In other areas, we have removed the ropes. You can sit where you please. If you feel too crowded, we hope you will choose to move rather than have an uncomfortable conversation with the people around you. These are awkward times and we would like to continue a harmonious experience for worshipping the Lord.


We eliminated the passing of collection baskets during the offertory of the Mass. This reduces touching surfaces and possibly transferring unwanted germs or viruses. The baskets are now available as you enter or leave the church. There are several black rectangular baskets and some tall round metal baskets that are on top of the book racks near the main doors, just as you enter the nave (main section) of the church. We really appreciate your generosity.

Electronic Giving

Direct giving is a great option for your generous contributions to sustain the ministries of our parish. This works like all your other automatic payments you use for your utilities, banks and other accounts. We are using Faith Direct online giving. This is secure, easy, and environmentally sensible. There are no envelopes to worry about. It continues when you are traveling or unable to attend Mass. It allows you to set your schedule and choose your specific charities or types of donations for plate, building fund, faith formation tuition, special collections, etc. Our volunteer money counters do not have to process the money or envelopes or spend hours counting and calculating and reporting in preparation for bank deposits. You can make one time gifts or scheduled gifts or as you wish. You can easily begin online giving by clicking on the DONATE link in the top menu of this website. Thank you for considering this great option and thank you for your generous sacrifices to continue the work of Christ.

Events in the Parish Hall

We have gradually begun to have more meetings in the parish hall. We generally maintain some social distancing, but some small groups who know each other well, have chosen to sit closer together, with or without masks. They settle this on their own by honest and open dialogue.

Hall & Kitchen

The hall and kitchen are open without restrictions. Come join us for Coffee and Donuts hospitality on Sunday mornings, pancake breakfasts, Men’s Fellowship, Women’s Guild and other gatherings.

Welcome Back to Mass!

Bishop Olmsted announced the restoration of the obligation for Sunday and holy day Masses in the Diocese of Phoenix beginning July 1, 2021.