Personal Responsibility

We believe that you know much more about your health needs than we do. If you do not feel safe or you have compromised health conditions, you can choose to act accordingly. We will not ask you if you have been vaccinated or not. Our society takes great pains to respect health privacy as you well know whenever you visit doctors and have to sign those HIPAA law disclosure forms.


We do not require masks for people who attend our church. We believe that a great many of the people who attend Mass have been vaccinated. Some have not. You will see most people currently do not wear masks during Holy Mass. Some do. They have their reasons.

Thank you for considering this great option and thank you for your generous sacrifices to continue the work of Christ.

The hall and kitchen are open without restrictions. Come join us for Coffee and Donuts hospitality on Sunday mornings, pancake breakfasts, Men’s Fellowship, Women’s Guild and other gatherings.

Welcome Back to Mass!

Bishop Olmsted announced the restoration of the obligation for Sunday and holy day Masses in the Diocese of Phoenix beginning July 1, 2021.