Glad to Be Back!

09-16-2021NewsFr. Nicholas Koro, A.J.

With gratitude to God, the Almighty Father for His graces, goodness and blessings, allow me to share with you a nutshell experience of my annual vacation at home in Kenya, Africa.

I must admit that I had a very wonderful, fantastic and great holiday at home. I did enjoy every bit of my stay at home to the full. Everything was fun, refreshing and relaxing. Home was so warmly and welcoming. I was super excited to be in my old childhood familiar environs and be reunited with my family, friends and parishioners of my home parish of Good Shepherd, Kakuma, after all that long prolonged period.

On my to-do list included visiting St. Therese’s Elementary School in the village for some mentorship programs and to assess the progress or developments of the assistance/support they have been receiving from The Catholic Daughters of Americas, Court of St. Clare of Assisi, #2677.

I had time to visit the vulnerable elderly in the village, talked to them words of comfort and encouragement, and did some charitable acts in terms of foodstuff and beddings.

I also created time to do my early childhood hobby of shepherding for two consecutive days. Unfortunately, it rained heavily on us in the grazing fields on the second day devoid of umbrellas, raincoats or anything to cover for ourselves. This informed my next vacation’s aspiration to improve the lives of the shepherd boys by buying them umbrellas and raincoats.

Through your generous gifts, donations and contributions which I have been saving for the last two years when I never went home, I gave my parents the “surprise” from Surprise City of Arizona, USA, by improving or replacing their corrugated Iron-sheet house which I built four years ago with a two-roomed permanent House. Although not completely finished, good progress has been made.

For all these achievements, I wish once again, to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to our able Pastor, Fr. Hans and you dear parishioners of St. Clare of Assisi, my 2nd home after Kakuma, for your support, care, love kindness and generosity to me, my priestly ministry, my family and village of Kakuma.

God bless and reward you all abundantly.


Fr. Nicholas Koro, A.J.

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See Catholic Diocese of Lodwar which covers Father Nick’s home area.
He is from Good Shepherd Parish, Kakuma, Turkana County, Kenya.
He is a member of the Apostles of Jesus Missionaries