Time for Change

04-10-2022Weekly ReflectionFr. Nicholas Erias Koro, A.J.

As a Catholic priest, more so, as a religious missionary priest, I was always formed and trained to be ready and willing to go anywhere and to any mission or place that the need calls or God’s Spirit leads to through the use of Major Superiors or the Bishop of the Diocese where we work.

After almost 8 years serving at St. Clare of Assisi Catholic Parish, it is now time for change, time to move to another Mission. This time at St. Andrew the Apostle Parish, Chandler, Arizona.

I count as a tremendous privilege and boundless blessings having shared my faith journey and missionary experience with you esteemed parishioners of St. Clare of Assisi. You are a wonderful and remarkable faith community ready to put on the armor of Christ and the Gospel message of love into action. I cherish and I celebrate you.

When I first landed amidst you (in 2014) from a totally different environment, you and our able Pastor, Fr. Hans, wholeheartedly received me with open arms and the warmest of welcomes despite my obvious human limitations of the American lifestyle and worldview. You literally taught me everything including: driving from the right side, eating fresh garden salad and hamburgers, speaking with American accent and slang, hiking, and enjoying American Ball Games other than Kenyan-British soccer.

Now as a “fully grown and nurtured son of St. Clare of Assisi-Surprise”, I feel far much better prepared to face the next mission with courage, determination and optimism than before, fully equipped. I am going to the East valley as your ambassador and proud son. With God’s assistance, your prayers, cooperation, patience and understanding, we were able to achieve a lot together. God blessed and rewarded us more than we can ever imagined or asked. I am profoundly humbled and exceedingly happy to exit our Parish having witnessed huge growth in terms of faith, numbers and structures. We also shared together both joys and sorrows, successes and disappointments. All for our spiritual growth and deep trust in God.

I really appreciate very dearly your support, care, love and generosity that made my Priestly Ministry a success venture. Thank you very much for having invited me to your homes, dinners, gathering, meetings and parties. I enjoyed it all and it bonded us so well.

My new appointment is effective July 1, 2022. I plan to have farewell Masses on the last weekends of June. For our Winter Parishioners who will have left by then, Good-bye! For those who will be around, let us meet that time, shake hands and hug. I know I will greatly miss you but you will always be in my prayers, my heart and Holy Mass Intentions. St. Clare of Assisi Catholic Parish- Surprise will remain special to me as my home, my Mother parish and first Mission in U.S.A. Kindly keep me in your prayers as I transition to the next assignment.

Thank you and God bless you all,
Fr. Nicholas Erias Koro, A.J.